Chhetrapati, Kathmandu, Nepal
4251733 (High School), 4249538 (College), 4387812 (Shrine), 4274539 (Brookfield School)


Whitefield school highly regards the meritious performance of diligent and industrious students. They are given optimum inspiration and opportunity to enhance their potentialities by providing scholarships. The scholarship is not limited only to academic caliber, it also transcends to the extra curricular activities.
The school has been granting scholarship in honour of the following eminent personalities of our society to all the class toppers from grade V to grade XII every academic year with effect from 2057 B.S.
  • Shree Satyamohan Joshi
  • Shree Ramesh Bikal
  • Shree Manoj babu Mishra
  • Shree Dinesh Adhikari
  • Shree Baikuntha Manandhar
  • Mrs Bimala Shrestha
  • Late Ratna Bahadur Bajracharya
  • Late N.K. Singh
Literati and Sanskrit scholar
Poet and lyricist
Renowned Athlete
Renowned Dancer
(Grade XII)
(Grade XI)
(Grade X)
(Grade IX)
(Grade VIII)
(Grade VII)
(Grade VI)
(Grade V)