Chhetrapati, Kathmandu, Nepal
4251733 (High School), 4249538 (College), 4387812 (Shrine), 4274539 (Brookfield School)

Vice-Principal’s Message

Mr. Paras Shrestha

Dear Students’ / Guardians,

Quality education at affordable fee is the long-standing hunt of most of the students. Quality education matters, so does the price. The quality education fee is the prime feature of Whitefield College in this excessively competitive world.

We are committed to make Whitefield College the first choice of the quality-education-seekers and careers-designers for the 21st century and a new Nepal. The college has been seriously devoted with good leadership, impressive communication and effective management. Collective efforts of the parents, students, faculties and the college management have equal share in the career-building of any student. Whitefield College wishes to develop the nation through the development of competence, dynamism and creativity to our enrolled.

I would like to welcome to all who are highly committed, self-controlled, self-motivated and industrious to prove their worth by developing their various abilities providing us opportunities to work on them so that they can be distinct from the job-seeking crowd. Our main objective is to make our enrolled to be able to pursue their study uniquely, research brilliantly, interact sufficiently and enhance multicultural knowledge.

The college is dedicated to produce and maintain controlled behavior, student-oriented teaching and proper discipline for effective and fruitful teaching. It is the right time when we have to march ahead with firm determination providing equal care for career-building and personal development. We, therefore should focus on enhancing personal learning abilities, academic talents and technical side of mind.

Life is what we make it. Life is nothing but a making. Education should be for the development of professionalism is life. The enrolled are the responsibility of Whitefield College. Whitefield College works for the development of each and every student. Our highly dedicated determined teaching and non-teaching staff intensively work for the proportionate development of all the enrolled.

Let us grow together !!!

Thank you.