Chhetrapati, Kathmandu, Nepal
4251733 (High School), 4249538 (College), 4387812 (Shrine), 4274539 (Brookfield School)

Whitefield School

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» About Us
Whitefield is a co-educational sister institution functioning under the management of Raktakali Education Foundation (REF), which has successfully completed three decades in imparting quality and scientific education to the children of diverse background.

At Whitefield, we instill knowledge and skills, to propagate good culture, character and behavior in students in a potent way. We inculcate and develop philanthropic notion in their growing minds by engaging them in various social activities within and outside the school. We also make them independent and develop curiosity of knowing the unknown by assigning them various research oriented activities and project works, thereby instilling leadership quality in them.

For your kind reference, we would like to mention a few proven examples of our product that are making outstanding performance in the academic field. Our ex-student Ms Pooja Shrestha was honoured with Aishwarya Vidya Padak and Indira Upadhaya Gold Medal, Sunena Shelalik and Sabina Dangol had topped T.U. in BBS level exam of 2058. Ms Sunena Shelalik was honored with Mahendra Vidya Bhusan and Rupendra Choladyo had topped the HSEB exam from the science stream with 87.86% in the year 2058. Our student Ms. Aneey Maharjan who topped the school and also stood board 2nd among girls with 93.28% in the year 2068 SLC. The credit of this grand accomplishment partly goes to our valued parents, guardians and well wishers who have believed us and recognized our sustained devotion and commitment. The other part of the credit undeniably moves on to our teaching and administrative personnel along with students who have been relentlessly making tremendous contribution for the promotion and success of this institution.

» Information Technology
Present century is the age of Information and Technology. Without IT, we will remain completely isolated from rest of the world and its changing trends. Therefore, to keep pace with the latest technological development, computer science has been introduced at our school from grade I to XII.
» Academic Experience
The curriculum of the school is designed as prescribed by the SLC Board, Government of Nepal (Supported by Book & Materials from various International Agencies). Regular class tests, unit tests, terminal exams, annual exams and pre-send up exams are conducted to judge the students learning capability.
» Internal Assessment (IA)
The system of Internal Assessment (IA) is in practice for the promotion of students’ all round development and to enhance their academic standard. Generally, IA is conducted in every terminal exam by all the subject teachers. The IA is an effective method based on assessment of social activity, discipline, dress code, class work, homework and lessons taught. To iscourage learning by rot and promote active participation in the teaching-learning process, test after the completion of each lesson is conducted. This has helped students realize that mental presence is essential to acquire knowledge.
» Research Oriented Activities
Various research oriented activities are carried out by students under the proper guidance of teachers of respective faculties. Such activities will help in generating interest in students in their studies and transplanting the theoretical aspects of their learning into practice.
» Co-Curricular Activities
For the all round development of the children, reading, writing and knowledge of Mathematics and IT alone will not be adequate. Physical, mental and emotional development of the children is equally significant. Therefore, we lay great emphasis on co-curricular activities and spare one-hour time daily in such activities besides normal studies, believing that only in a healthy body, healthy mind can exist. Thus, we run Taekwando club, Judo club, Basketball club, Art and Craft club, Dance Class, Vocal Class, Table Tennis Club, Cricket Club and Swimming Club. Both English and Nepali Poetry recitation, elocution, quiz, speech and debate are regularly held in the form of competitions. Students are made to deliver speeches daily in the morning assembly in order to boost up their public speaking skills.
» Extended Day Schooling
Students who require special attention are offered remedial classes before and after the school hours. There are also the facilities of food and care for the students who take remedial classes. These students are counselled off and on by the teachers & academic counsellors.